My magazine-related services include copy editing, proofreading and project management, in addition to writing articles that engage and inform. Let’s talk about how I could make your publication’s editorial shine.

If you have written a nonfiction book, I can get your prose ready for publication or ready for you to send to an agent or publishing house for consideration. I am available for copy editing, proofreading, structural editing, and manuscript review.

For businesses and organizations eager to get their message out, I offer editing and proofreading of reports, manuals, news releases, marketing copy, and other business prose. I could also write your news release and contact news media on your behalf.

Have a resume, cover letter, or email to send to a prospective employer? For a few dollars, I can polish it to boost your chance of success.

Contact me for more information on any of these services:
  ♦ Proofreading & Copy Editing
  ♦ Magazine Project Management
  ♦ Magazine Articles & Blog Posts
  ♦ Editing Website/Blog Content
  ♦ Fact Checking & Research
  ♦ Book Reviews (Nonfiction)
  ♦ News Releases & Publicity